Black Bear Adventures - Customers with their successful Black Bear, Moose and fish!

Our guests have had a lot of successful hunts with us! From catching some of the most impressive trophy black bears and moose, to reeling in their share of fishing limits within minutes on the lake! Check out some of the photos they've submitted to us. Interested in sharing your photos on our website? Email us at or message us on social media.

Greg Jenik poses with his trophy black bear
Greg Jenik Ontario Black Bear Hunting trip
Hunters at dusk, September Black Bear Hunting in Ontario
Black Bear hunting in Ontario, two hunters and their black bear
September Black Bear Hunting, beautiful black bear
September Hunt, trophy black bear hunt in Ontario
Hunters pose with black bear, Hunting at Ontario Hunting and FIshing Lodge
Proud hunter shows off their trophy black bear in 2011
Hunters pose with a black bear from hunting trip
Hunting for Black Bear in Ontario, September Bear Hunt
Michelle Hemstalk poses with a black bear
Merles Bear, posing with hunter
Group of hunters pose with their catch, black bear hunting group in Ontario
Gorgeous catch, black bear at Dog Lake Resort in Ontario
Hunter with black bear, Dog Lake Resort, fishing and hunting in Ontario
Massive trophy bear caught in Ontario at Dog Lake Resort
Hunting party at Dog Lake, beautiful hunting trip in Ontario
Posing with their trophy catch black bear
Hunter poses after catching a beautiful black bear
Black Bear Trophy Catch and Hunter posing
They pose with their Ontario Black Bear, hunting trip
Derek J and trophy black bear
canada day black bear hunting in ontario
Woman poses next to giant black bear paw
they hunted their ontario black bear at dog lake resort hunting and fishing
Backwoods, hunting trip
August black bear hunting trip, ontario black bears
Night, posing next to black bear head
hunting party, visit to dog lake resort hunting and fishing resort in ontario
hunters gathering on a boat at dog lake in ontario
He poses with his black bear during a hunting trip