Team Backwoods Reality Hunting Videos

Dan Wallace with his Trophy Ontario Black Bear

Dan Wallace with his Trophy Ontario Black Bear

North of Superior Tourism put the boys at TEAM BACKWOODS reality hunting videos on to us here at Black Bear Adventure, so that they could shoot a few more reality hunting videos, and that is exactly what they did. They shot video from their tree stand high above one of our 90+ hot bait sites. Two nights and they killed Two trophy bears .

Luck, we think not. This is all part of what we achieve on a regular basis here at Black Bear Adventure. When you couple two of the best bear hunters in the world, with one of the best bear hunting outfitters in the world you can't help but produce a world class product. If you are a bear hunter or hunter of any kind you will have to watch these high resolution professionally produced reality bear hunting videos. The videos are one of the most educational tools a hunter can aquire to expedite their way to a tropy Black Bear in Ontario.

The videos along with showing some of the most fabulous footage ever recorded, show case everything black bear adventure has to offer, so if you are considering Black Bear hunting in Ontario  there is only one place to go. Here you are guaranteed, world class Bear Hunting, along with world class  accomodations to fulfill even the hardiest of hunters wildest dreams.


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